Saturday, April 13, 2019

Byte Bandits CTF 2019 : EasyPHP [ Basic ]

Challenge Code:
$hashed_key '79abe9e217c2532193f910434453b2b9521a94c25ddc2e34f55947dea77d70ff';
$parsed parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
    $query $parsed["query"];
    $parsed_query parse_str($query);
        $action $parsed_query['action'];

        $key $_GET["key"];
        $hashed_input hash('sha256'$key);
        //echo $hashed_input.'\n';

        echo file_get_contents("/flag");

To solve this challenge  if($hashed_input!==$hashed_key) condition should be matched.

There is one interesting PHP function is used in challenge - parse_str().

As per PHP manual -

In challenge, "result" parameter is not used with parse_str(), therefore it suffers from dynamic variable value assignment issue.

To satisfy  if($hashed_input!==$hashed_key) condition, value of $hashed_key can be overwritten with SHA256 hashed value of "key" variable.

  • key = abcd
  • hashed_input = sha256(abcd) = 88d4266fd4e6338d13b845fcf289579d209c897823b9217da3e161936f031589

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